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Securing Enterprise Data ...

Faster and Easier

DataStealth is a revolutionary approach to data and document protection - one that can truly achieve what virtually no other available data security technology can - actually prevent hackers from accessing and stealing your sensitive information. 




Isn't that way too bold of a claim? 

Not at all. In fact, we’ll be bolder. Had DataStealth been used instead of more traditional solutions, most companies that have been breached would not have had their most valuable asset stolen ... their data and documents.



Patented. Proven. Paradigm-Shifting.


DataStealth is a proven, patented, paradigm-shifting data security solution that provides the highest degree of data protection for organizations dealing with strict privacy, compliance, governance, and regulatory requirements.

While the data security industry focus is on access management, perimeter protection, and alert/monitoring solutions, data breaches continue to occur at ever increasing frequency. It has become clear that traditional solutions do not solve the problem. Companies continue to be breached, their data compromised, and in many cases, they end up on the front page of mainstream media, affecting customer confidence and diminishing shareholder value.

For organizations dealing with strict privacy, compliance, governance, and regulatory requirements, DataStealth is the solution that rises above the rest. With DataStealth, you can protect your data at the most granular level without the need for complicated development cycles and time-consuming installations on end-user devices.


Simple and Elegant

DataStealth provides tokenization, encryption, masking, de-identification and more in an easy to use, easy to configure, plug-and-play solution.

DataStealth applies data protection policies to network traffic, in real-time, at the packet layer. It inspects network traffic, extracts sensitive data based on configurable policies, and replaces the sensitive data with benign substitutes.

Because only substitute data lands in your protected environment, in the event of a network breach or unauthorized access, there is nothing for intruders to steal. When you require the real data, it is immediately accessible at any time, but only for authorized users, and only for authorized use cases.


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The DataStealth Difference


There is no requirement for application changes. There is no development or coding required. There is no software to install, no APIs, and no browser plugins.

Works for Everything

DataStealth supports hundreds of protocols, payloads, data types, and data treatments.

Works Everywhere

DataStealth can be deployed as a physical appliance, a virtual appliance or in the Cloud. It can be deployed on or off-premise. It can be run as a managed service or self- managed. We even offer a SaaS version from our hosted managed environment for customers that truly want a hands-off approach.







Partner Spotlight

DataStealth + Okta


DataStealth and Okta work together to help companies comply with data privacy and residency requirements. With DataStealth, users are able to tokenize or encrypt user credentials and other sensitive information (for customers, employees, and/or contingent workers) in region, before the sensitive information lands in Okta. Customers can enjoy all the benefits of Okta while meeting data privacy and residency requirements at the same time.

Customers using Okta’s industry leading identity and access management tools, including Universal Directory, Single Sign-On (SSO), and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), even in regions where Okta does not have infrastructure, can now add the protections of DataStealth to Okta in minutes, with no application changes or coding.


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Popular DataStealth Use Cases

payment card

PCI Compliance Scope Reduction


DataStealth can reduce the scope of your PCI Compliance audit by up to 95% by tokenizing all payment cards before they enter your environment, removing your entire environment from scope for your PCI Compliance audit.

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Data Privacy and Data Residency


DataStealth can replace sensitive customer information with benign substitutes on the way to your mission-critical SaaS application, before it leaves your home region. Use all the cool tools, without exposing any sensitive customer data, while complying with privacy and residency regulations.

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Test Data Management


Obfuscate all sensitive information sent from your production environment to your development environment. Provide developers and analysts with synthetic data that has referential integrity while maintaining the characteristics of the original data, without exposing any sensitive information to lower-level environments.

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Attribute Based Access Control


DataStealth can create and augment metadata, and supply the captured data as attributes for use in our access control policy.

This approach aligns with the security principle of least privilege and zero trust, where any data at rest or in motion is protected and is only displayed to explicitly authorized users, for explicitly authorized use cases.

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Sounds too good to be true?


We understand that you may be sceptical and may want to try before you buy. And we are perfectly fine with that. That is why we offer a 100% risk free Proof of Concept to our customers.

Our Proof of Concept is not just a slick sales deck or a smoke and mirrors show. We will show you how DataStealth will work for your use case, with your data, in your environment. And we will do all of the heavy lifting to make it happen.

If DataStealth cannot do what we say it can do, you just walk away without any obligations. We have never had a POC fail and we are happy to put our money where our mouth is.


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