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Because Intruders Cannot Steal What Is Not There



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Securing Enterprise Data and Documents - Faster and Easier 

DataStealth is a revolutionary approach to data and document protection - one that can truly achieve what virtually no other available data security technology can - actually prevent hackers from accessing and stealing your sensitive information. 


Isn't that way too bold a claim? 


Not at all. In fact, we’ll be bolder. Had DataStealth been used instead of more traditional solutions, most companies that have been breached would not have had their most valuable asset stolen ... their data and documents.


What is DataStealth


DataStealth is a data protection platform that applies data protection policies to network traffic as it flows in real-time.

DataStealth inspects network traffic at the packet level, extracts sensitive data, replaces the sensitive data with substitutes, and secures the original data using a unique secure storage methodology. Because only substitute data is in your protected environments, in the event of a breach, there is nothing for intruders to steal. 


Intruders Cannot Steal What Is Not There.


For organizations dealing with strict privacy, compliance, governance and regulatory requirements, DataStealth is the solution you have been looking for. With DataStealth, you can protect data at the most granular level without any heavy lifting.  Start using the 'cool tools' available in the market today without exposing any of your sensitive data outside your control.



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The DataStealth Difference

 Fast and Easy

DataStealth is a plug- and-play solution. There is no requirement for application changes. There is no development or coding required. There is no software to install, no APIs, and no browser plugins.


DataStealth supports hundreds of payloads and protocols and can protect a huge number of data types, documents, databases, applications, Cloud apps and more.


DataStealth is offered as either a physical or virtual appliance and can be deployed on-premise, in a public or private Cloud, or on a virtualized platform. It can be run as a managed service or self- managed. We even offer a SaaS version from our hosted managed environment for customers that truly want a hands-off approach.






Solve Real Business Problems


payment card

Tokenization for PCI Compliance

Scope Reduction

DataStealth removes all payment card information from data and documents BEFORE it enters our customer’s network, removing their network from the scope of a PCI Compliance audit. This can decrease the scope of an annual PCI Compliance audit by up to 95%. 

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Anonymization for Data Privacy and

Data Residency

DataStealth removes personal information from data and documents and automatically replaces restricted data with substitute values. If you are struggling to comply with PIPEDA or GDPR, DataStealth makes the problem a thing of the past.

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Control your data with Attribute Based Access Controls

Controlling and managing access to sensitive data has been an ongoing challenge for decades. DataStealth's Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) provides an attribute-based approach to accommodate a wide breadth of requirements, and puts the control of private data back in your hands.

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Obfuscation for Test Data Management

When moving data from a production environment to a development environment, DataStealth obfuscates regulated and/or restricted information as the data flows across the network. Developers, analysts, and researchers are able to work with fully obfuscated data, significantly reducing the risk profile.

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Why have I never heard of DataStealth?


Every once in a while, a game changing idea is developed on a napkin, or in a small garage, somewhere in the world. 

You don't need to look further than companies like HPE, Dell, Apple or Uber for historical examples of this phenomenon. And now you can add DataStealth to that list.

As we have grown, so have our relationships, with some of the largest global technology companies in the world. They understand how we are changing the game in cybersecurity, and we are proud that they stand behind us.

  • DataStealth is a Global HPE OEM Partner
  • DataStealth is a Global Ingram Micro Partner 

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We understand that you may want to try before you buy. And we are perfectly fine with that. That is why we offer a 100% risk free Proof of Concept to our customers.

Our Proof of Concept is not just a slick sales deck or a smoke and mirrors show. We will show you how DataStealth will work for your use case, with your data, in your environment. And we will do all of the heavy lifting to make it happen.

If DataStealth cannot do what we say it can do, you just walk away without any obligations. We have never had a POC fail and we are happy to put our money where our mouth is.


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