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Enterprise Data Security


DataStealth is a revolutionary approach to data and document protection - one that can truly achieve what virtually no other available data security technology can - actually prevent unauthorized users or intruders from accessing and stealing your sensitive information.


Paradigm-Shifting. Patented. Proven.


DataStealth provides tokenization, encryption, masking, de-identification, and more in an easy to use, easy to configure, easy to deploy solution. DataStealth inspects network traffic at the packet layer, removes sensitive data based on configurable policies, and replaces that sensitive data with benign substitutes. All of this occurs in real-time, without the need for developers to write code, or the need to install any APIs, Plugins, or Agents.

Because only benign substitute data lands in your protected environment, in the event of a network breach or unauthorized access, there is nothing for intruders to steal. When you require the real data, it is immediately accessible at any time, but only for authorized users, and only for authorized use cases. 

Whether you prefer physical, virtualized, or cloud deployments, DataStealth supports many deployment options. You have the choice to host and manage DataStealth yourself or leave it to us and our hosted/managed solution.

With DataStealth, protect your data in transit, and at rest, at the most granular level, without the need for complicated development cycles and time-consuming installations on end-user devices.

For organizations dealing with strict privacy, compliance, governance, and regulatory requirements, DataStealth is the solution that you have been looking for.



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The DataStealth Difference


No application development. No requirement for coding.


No API. No Plugins. No Agents.


Available as a physical, virtual or cloud solution. Can be managed by Datex or by a customer. Can be on-premise or off-premise.



Popular Use Cases

payment card

PCI Compliance

Scope Reduction


DataStealth removes ALL payment card information from applications, data, and documents BEFORE it enters your IT environment. 

Because your IT environment no longer 'stores, processes or transmits payment card information', your IT environment is no longer part of your PCI-DSS Compliance audit.


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Data Residency


Organizations that have strict privacy, compliance, regulatory, governance or contractual obligations with respect to sensitive data have no viable way to utilize SaaS applications that do not have infrastructure in your organization’s home region.

DataStealth anonymizes sensitive data in your home region, BEFORE any sensitive data leaves your home region, and BEFORE any sensitive data crosses any geographic borders.


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Test Data Management


Organizations frequently use production data in test and development environments, and on DevOps platforms, a serious risk to data security.

DataStealth obfuscates regulated, restricted, and sensitive information on the way to lower level environments so that developers, analysts, and researchers only work with fully obfuscated data.


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Dynamic Data Masking


Data is valuable because it supports business functions. Its value is in its ability to be used. But very few data security technologies can simultaneously protect data while preserving its usefulness.

DataStealth replaces sensitive information with masked values without changing the any applications or data at rest.


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Partner Spotlight

DataStealth + Okta


Privacy and regulatory requirements often prohibit passing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) across country borders. These restrictions greatly diminish the ability for organizations to use SaaS applications and Cloud platforms that cannot guarantee where your data lives, and where it is ultimately stored. 

With DataStealth, organizations are able to tokenize or encrypt Personally Identifiable Information in their home region, BEFORE the sensitive information leaves your home country, and BEFORE it lands in Okta, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of Okta while meeting data privacy and residency requirements at the same time.

And that is not all. DataStealth also allows you to add customer or employee information to Okta profiles that may otherwise be restricted by Okta. You gain full control of your data, while using all of Okta’s industry leading identity and access management tools, including Universal Directory, Single Sign-On (SSO), and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), even in regions where Okta does not have infrastructure.

Add DataStealth to Okta in just a few minutes, with no need for application development or writing code.


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Sounds too good to be true?


We understand that you may be sceptical and may want to try before you buy. And we are perfectly fine with that. That is why we offer a 100% risk free Proof of Concept to our customers.

Our Proof of Concept is not just a slick sales deck or a smoke and mirrors show. We will show you how DataStealth will work for your use case, with your data, in your environment. And we will do all of the heavy lifting to make it happen.

If DataStealth cannot do what we say it can do, you just walk away without any obligations. We have never had a POC fail and we are happy to put our money where our mouth is.


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