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DataStealth is a totally new type of cybersecurity software that allows major organizations to truly protect their sensitive data and prevent serious data breaches.

DataStealth starts with the recognition that the vast sums organizations currently spend on the latest data security technologies are fundamentally failing to prevent hackers from breaking into even the most sophisticated IT environments and stealing an organization’s most sensitive data. These breaches are causing serious financial, reputational, and legal harm to virtually all organizations.


“DataStealth’s unique product design is very smart and adaptable. We have been able to use DataStealth for numerous cybersecurity use cases within our large enterprise across newer and older technology platforms alike, with great ease and speed of integration. The Datex team is extremely customer focused and possesses tremendous technical cybersecurity expertise, which has supported our successful DataStealth rollouts.”

Chief Information Officer
DataStealth Client Since 2020


The basic approach taken by virtually all currently available cybersecurity software is to use various perimeter-protection barriers in the hopes of preventing hackers from breaking in. Unfortunately, hackers have become very sophisticated and have learned how to overcome these technology barriers. Once they break in, they then steal all the sensitive information that is there.

DataStealth is totally different


DataStealth uses a patented new approach to uniquely ensure that no sensitive data is ever physically stored within your organization’s IT infrastructure. This means that when hackers invariably succeed in overcoming your technical barriers and gain access into your IT systems, they will simply not be able to find any sensitive data to steal.

Hackers cannot steal what is not there


DataStealth is an extremely powerful and comprehensive cybersecurity technology, currently deployed in many of the largest organizations with substantial and sophisticated IT departments in numerous industries including:


Only DataStealth enables your organization to:

    • rapidly and inexpensively pilot DataStealth to prove to your organization that it successfully works for you.
    • achieve superior cybersecurity protection that complements and supersedes whatever data security technologies currently being used.
    • easily and quickly deploy DataStealth in any existing legacy or web application – because there is no need to make any changes to existing IT code or business processes.
    • fundamentally address virtually all data security threats and use cases.
    • handle extremely high volumes of transactions. 
    • prevent the serious costs and consequences of data breaches. 
    • ensure comprehensive legal, privacy and regulatory compliance.

In different industries, organizations, and IT environments, the patented DataStealth technology has proven to be the best, the most powerful, and the most flexible cybersecurity offering available on the market – capable of being deployed quickly, innovatively, and inexpensively to solve numerous cybersecurity use cases.


“Major organizations worldwide are struggling with the ceaseless and accelerating daily battle to prevent serious data breaches whether caused by external cybercriminals, internal rogue employees, weak access and security controls, human error, or other data security attacks. Cybercriminals are continuously succeeding in gaining unauthorized access to computer systems and stealing an organization’s sensitive data.

Seemingly every day, the public is made aware of yet another major breach. Organizations that have been unable to prevent such major data breaches have suffered significant legal damages, reputational harm, financial loss, regulatory sanctions,  job losses, executive terminations, and in a few recent instances, criminal charges.

The DataStealth technology is a totally new way to successfully prevent a wide range of cybersecurity threats.”

Lawyer Specializing in Corporate Risk and Security
First became involved with DataStealth in 2021

What is so Different about DataStealth?


The first-mover advantage cybercriminals have, beyond their considerable hacking skills, is knowing where to hack. Hackers know that major banks, retailers, hospitals, insurance companies, airlines, infrastructure providers, government, and other large organizations physically store valuable sensitive data within their IT environments. By targeting such organizations, hackers know that when they succeed in breaking in, they will then be able to help themselves to a large treasure-trove of valuable sensitive data and documents.

Understanding this, DataStealth starts by asking a totally different question:

What if hackers succeed in breaking in,

only to find nothing of value to steal?

The patented and proven DataStealth technology is the result of this totally different approach to cybersecurity.

DataStealth does not rely on organizations being able to succeed in keeping the “bad guys” from breaking into their computer systems. Instead, the unique DataStealth approach to cybersecurity is being recognized by more and more organizations as a vastly superior approach.

DataStealth ensures that no sensitive data or documents are physically stored within your organization’s computer systems. So if, or more realistically, when hackers succeed in breaching your existing security measures and gain access, they will not be able to find anything of value to steal. This unique approach, underlying the breakthrough DataStealth technology, makes so much intuitive sense. After all, hackers cannot steal what isn’t there.


“It was a breath of fresh air to go from learning about DataStealth, to deploying the solution within 30 days.  With our initial use case met, we’ve challenged our organization to find other technology deployment opportunities. It’s rare that a solution is net-cash positive to our budgeting process, so we happily continue to expand the footprint and find new DataStealth use cases.” 

Cybersecurity Executive
DataStealth Partner Since 2018

How DataStealth Works

The patented DataStealth technology transparently monitors and inspects all data as it enters and travels within an organization’s IT environment. Depending on the use case, DataStealth can be placed either inside or – and this is unique to DataStealth – entirely outside of an organization’s IT environment (including all applications, databases, SaaS applications, storage environments, and other systems).

When sensitive data is detected, DataStealth automatically intercepts the sensitive data and replaces it with a meaningless string of data, chosen from one of many user-configurable data obfuscation options including:


where a real credit card number such as ‘4520 8500 1234 4321’ could be replaced with ‘4987 1111 2222 3333’ or any other user-defined tokenization format.  


where the name ‘Bob’ and ‘Smith’ could be replaced with ‘ec83c2fbddfe’ and ‘2a7fd7384a1a970a2fcd4d39a237’, or other symmetric and asymmetric encryption options.


where the drug ID number ‘2239090’ could be replaced with ‘2xxxxxxx’ or any other user-defined data masking format.

Data Protection Technologies

Whenever an authorized user or authorized business process requires the real data to be viewed or sent somewhere (for payment processing as just one example), DataStealth reverses the obfuscation, automatically and transparently, replacing the tokenized, encrypted or masked value with the real data in transit.


What is Unique about DataStealth that Makes it So Fast and Easy to Implement?

Virtually all our clients are amazed when we prove to them how quickly, easily, and inexpensively DataStealth can be implemented.

No Code

No need for any existing software code to be rewritten or modified. With DataStealth, there is no need to build integrations using APIs or connectors, or install any agents or widgets.

No Changes

No need to make any changes to existing user interaction or business processes. With DataStealth, there is no need to retrain employees. Internal users continue to interact with their computer applications as before. External users continue to interact with websites as before.




DataStealth Solves Complex Problems

In different industries, organizations, and IT environments, the patented DataStealth technology has proven to be the best, the most powerful, and the most flexible cybersecurity offering available on the market – capable of being deployed quickly, innovatively, and inexpensively to solve numerous cybersecurity use cases.


Data Management

Data Discovery and Classification

Test Data Management

Dynamic Data Masking

Data Access Controls

Electronic Record Management



PCI Audit Scope Reduction

Move from SAQ-A-EP to SAQ-A

Protect iFrame and API with File Integrity Monitoring

Avoid Payment Processor Lockin

Protection Far Beyond Just Payment Cards





Partner Spotlight


With DataStealth, Okta’s clients can tokenize Personally Identifiable Information (PII) before this sensitive information leaves their home country. This enables clients to obtain all the benefits of using Okta, while at the same time, meeting data privacy and data residency legislation. In addition, DataStealth allows clients to use Okta’s SMS based Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) with a local SMS gateway in their home country, something not possible without DataStealth.

DataStealth also allows clients to add customer or employee information to Okta profiles that may otherwise be restricted by Okta. You gain full control of your data, while using all of Okta’s industry leading identity and access management tools, including Universal Directory, Single Sign-On (SSO), and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), even in countries where Okta does not have physical infrastructure.

DataStealth can be added to Okta in just a few minutes, with no need for application development or writing any code.


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Datex Inc., founded in 1989, develops software solutions to address complex business problems. It is the developer of DataStealth, a revolutionary new approach to providing enterprise-wide data security for major organizations.

A few years ago, Datex was searching for an effective and robust data security solution to deal with their clients’ needs. They were unable to find any solution that met their stringent requirements for the protection of sensitive data, so they built their own. That is how the patented DataStealth cybersecurity breakthrough was born.



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