Traditional data protection approaches tend to consume substantial time and resources during implementation, require significant development to applications and/or architecture, and require deployment of databases, APIs, plugins, or add-ons. Ultimately, they do not really provide a meaningful solution to the problem of protecting an organization's most valuable assets … their data and documents.


Because protecting the outer layer doesn't protect you once someone is already in your network, or has been in your network the whole time.

Because encrypting data at rest requires application changes, can slow performance, and might not be achievable in closed source software or your old legacy systems

Because continuing to have that data reside in your environment doesn't reduce the scope of an audit; sure it's locked in a box now, but that box is still surrounded by the rest of your people, processes, and systems that also need securing to the same toughness.

And yet, day after day, organizations continue to do more of the same.

Instead of trying to prevent intruders from gaining access, or simply informing organizations when unauthorized access has occurred, Datex decided to look at the problem from the other end of the telescope.

What if there was a way to remove all of your private/confidential/regulated/sensitive information, inside both data and documents, BEFORE landing at the intended endpoint, and have the ability to restore that same information, but only for authorized users and for authorized use cases?

Whether the threat came from within, or from an external threat actor, in the event of a network breach there wouldn’t actually be any private/confidential/regulated/sensitive information found anywhere in your IT environment. None.

And if your IT environment contained no private/confidential/regulated/sensitive information to target and steal, your IT environment would not be susceptible to the theft of those assets.

With DataStealth, Intruders Cannot Steal What Is Not There.


Abe Schwartz


Abe has spent the last 40 years successfully launching, funding, and commercializing emerging tech companies.

Ed Leavens


Ed is a motivational leader that initiates and executes new and advanced technologies, with proven success in complex environments.

Marc Carrafiello


Marc has significant IT experience as an infrastructure specialist both with enterprise architecture and information security

Derek Schenk


Derek is a seasoned technologist with significant experience implementing software solutions and authoring top quality, high performance code.




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