Why DataStealth




By replacing real data with tokens, DataStealth decreases the scope of an annual PCI Compliance audit by up to 95% by removing all payment card information from data and documents BEFORE it enters a network. Tokenization options include random, repeatable, sequential, order preserving, format preserving and more.






Cloud Access Service Broker (CASB) enables the use of Cloud Apps and Cloud Storage without ever exposing any private/confidential/regulated information beyond your organization’s IT perimeter. With DataStealth, only obfuscated information is sent to the Cloud.




Test Data Management (TDM) is required when moving real data from a production environment to a development environment. DataStealth removes regulated and/or restricted information, in real time, as the data flows across the network. Developers, analysts, and researchers are able to work with representative data that is fully obfuscated, which optionally may be re-identified later by authorized users and for authorized use cases.







Data Loss Protection (DLP) prevents the exfiltration of corporate data and documents. DataStealth can allow connections to sanctioned external Cloud services for authorized users, while at the same time, limiting or blocking the exfiltration of data, and the use of unknown or unsanctioned Cloud services. This keeps your data under your control, at all times.


Data Residency


Whether it is PIPEDA, GDPR, or any other residency requirements, DataStealth controls what data can leave a particular geo-location, and then controls when and where that data can be accessed.


Data Masking


DataStealth applies policy driven data masking to data and documents in real-time, on the way down to an endpoint or on the way up to a user. Data Masking options include full and partial masking, suppression, rounding, offset, shuffling and more.