DataStealth for Test Data Management


Creation and management of non-production data sets is referred to as Test Data Management (TDM). As organizations mature their DevOps processes and move towards continuous delivery processes, their TDM processes must evolve as well.

A number of options exist for an organization to generate test data ranging from using production data, to dynamic masking of data, and even using synthetic data generation. But choosing the correct Test Data Management strategy requires balancing a number of technical, operational, risk, and privacy considerations. Simply copying a production data set to other environments is the simplest approach, but it does nothing to address data privacy. 

Implementing a network based solution like Datex DataStealth enables companies to adopt a TDM approach that facilitates a self-serve model for developers and testers to access new test data sets, remove manual intervention, and eliminate any infrastructure requirements of master 'golden copy' and / or derivative test data sets.


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