DataStealth for PCI Compliance


PCI Compliance audits are expensive and expansive. These audits require enormous amounts of time, resource, capital, and potentially remediation to satisfy all 400+ requirements. And they are required annually by organizations that store, process or transmit credit cards.

DataStealth is a paradigm-shifting solution that will significantly reduce the scope of your PCI Compliance audit by up to 95%.  How? DataStealth removes payment card information from data and documents BEFORE it enters your network. If your network does not have any payment card information, it is out of scope for the purpose of your annual PCI Compliance audit. It's that simple.

What makes it truly revolutionary is that DataStealth is a plug-and-play solution which requires no architectural changes or application development, no APIs, no plugins, and is quick and simple to deploy. A production deployment can typically be completed in less than 2 weeks.

With DataStealth, you can say goodbye to long, expensive and time-consuming audits, and receive an immediate return on your investment. 

Download the white paper to find out more.