DataStealth for

Test Data Management


Managing the risk of production data use in lower level environments is a daunting task. 

Implementing a plug and play solution like DataStealth enables companies to adopt a TDM approach that facilitates a self-serve model for developers and testers to access new test data sets, remove manual intervention, and eliminate any infrastructure requirements of master 'golden copy' or derivative test data sets.


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Why Choose Datex?

Simple Deployment

We have a plug-and-play platform that can complete production deployment in as little as 2 weeks.

Protection Everywhere

Get protection for data and documents in all systems within your environment, including Cloud Applications and storage.

Protection on Everything

Our solution is technology agnostic. Works with any protocol, any payload, any data type.

Datex Technology

How do we do it?

Data is protected as it passes through DataStealth when transferred from production to other lower level environments.

DataStealth applies data treatments such as tokenization, encryption, and other anonymization models to data while in transit, eliminating the need to backup or restore a production database and/or apply home baked scripts.

This unique approach significantly reduces the total time required to generate or produce a data set, and completely removes the risk of human error.


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Don't take our word for it

"Exposing real data in our development and UAT environments was a huge concern for us from a risk perspective. Our old process was to use home-baked scripts to cleanse data on the way to our lower level environments. Once we started using DataStealth, transferring databases to non-production environments was quick and painless. Our risk and compliance folks have never been happier."

- COO, Financial Services Provider


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