Attribute Based Access Control for Data Privacy

Controlling and managing access to sensitive data has been an ongoing challenge for decades. DataStealth's Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) provides an attribute-based approach to accommodate a wide breadth of policies, and simplifies access control management by putting the control of private data back to the control organization.

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Why Choose Datex?

Simple Deployment

We have a plug-and-play platform that can complete production deployment in as little as 2 weeks.

Protection Everywhere

Get protection for data and documents in all systems within your environment, including Cloud Applications and storage.

Protection on Everything

Our solution is technology agnostic. Works with any protocol, any payload, any data type.

Datex Technology

How do we do it?

DataStealth will tokenize data, create and augment metadata, and supply the captured data as attributes for use in our access control policy.

This approach aligns with the security principle of least privilege and zero trust, where any data at rest or in motion is protected and is only displayed to explicitly authorized users, for explicitly authorized use cases.


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Don't take our word for it

"We tried to implement access controls for our Cloud based Big Data storage platform, but we found that the solutions i the market were either locked to a specific storage technology or required a ton of resources and time to implement.

We deployed DataStealth in less that 2 weeks, and we were able to control access to our data ,at the most granular level."

- Senior Manager Infrastructure, Outsourcing and Technology Solutions


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