By Mariann Utrosa • October 19, 2015

The 'new' threat landscape

A network breach is not an event. It is a processes.

Intruders are no longer just curious kids living in a basement. They have become far more sophisticated and collaborative than they were in the past and they have state of the art tools at their disposal. Intruders can come in the form of cyber criminals looking to monetize your data, state sponsored groups with political agendas or even hacktivists with a social agenda.
Any way you slice it, the risk to your organization's data is significant and gaining access to a network is not as difficult as you may think.  Click HERE to see a 60 second video describing just how easy it is.

Does your organization have a formal cyber security policy? Does your organization have a comprehensive training program for employees? Are you being proactive about defending your organizations from cyber crime?

NOW is the time to get serious about stemming the tide of this pandemic. Before it is too late.