By Security Features • May 15, 2019

Levelling Up Data Protection and Compliancy with Datex

cengen datexIntruders cannot steal what is not there. That is the game changing idea behind the Mississauga-based company, Datex, who is providing enterprises with an enhanced level of security through their data protection platform called DataStealth.

Over the next few weeks, Datex will be completing a security project at CENGN to perform stress testing on DataStealth.

Datex, the company behind DataStealth, has been around for over 20 years and is built around a technically and business-savvy management team comprised of four technology executives with a track record of leading successful business ventures. Datex is led by its Chairman, Abe Schwartz, a successful Canadian software entrepreneur who also sits on the board of a number of other technology companies including Covalon, Think Research, and eSight Eyewear. Datex is a revenue-generating profitable company with many public and private companies as customers using its DataStealth solution.

An Innovative Approach to Information Security

Instead of trying to block an intruder from accessing an environment, or alerting whenever unauthorized access is detected in an environment, DataStealth anonymizes private and sensitive information before it arrives in an environment. If that environment were ever breached, regardless of how the unauthorized access occurred, there would be no private or sensitive data anywhere for the intruder to steal. With DataStealth, intruders cannot steal what is not there.

Anonymization options can include technologies such as tokenization, de-identification, masking, encryption and more. With support for hundreds of different payloads and protocols, DataStealth works everywhere (production, dev/user acceptance testing, cloud, and disaster recovery) and for everything (apps, data, documents, databases and more). Unlike competitive solutions, their patent-protected solution requires no application development, no APIs, and no plugins. It is truly plug-and-play.

DataStealth customers typically use DataStealth for one of two reasons:

  • to protect and secure confidential business information including both data and documents; or
  • to address specific privacy, compliance, governance, and/or regulatory requirements

As an example, DataStealth is steadily gaining popularity for businesses looking to utilize cloud-based service providers. Many Canadian organizations are looking to AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or Salesforce as possible solutions for upgrading and updating their IT footprint. However, some of these cloud service providers host part or all of their infrastructure outside of Canada, and have no way to guarantee that data put into their environments in Canada will remain exclusively in Canada. That means data from Canadian organizations is crossing borders, which can be problematic for many industries like healthcare, financial services, insurance, and many others where privacy and regulatory data residency restrictions are a major concern.

Datex and CENGN

Datex routinely deploys DataStealth in all of the major cloud platforms, but an ongoing challenge for the company is accurately forecasting the resource requirements to support its enterprise customers. During their CENGN project they will scale up DataStealth in different configurations, and at different levels, to determine the resource requirements for a variety of scenarios. Characterization testing results will allow Datex to confidently and accurately size environment requirements according to the needs of their different enterprise customers.

All testing of DataStealth will occur within a secure and private environment on two bare metal servers in CENGN’s commercial-grade infrastructure. A key advantage of completing this project is having dedicated resources to carry out this testing in order to determine resource requirements as accurately as possible. Using a public cloud provider would likely result in shared CPU resources skewing results of the testing. We look forward to providing Datex with infrastructure and technical services over the next few weeks to ensure project success. Stay tuned for more details on the project!

Datex is a growing Canadian business that is using the services at CENGN through the Next Generation Network Program (NGNP). The NGNP is a Government of Ontario program offered through a partnership between CENGN and the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) that is providing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across Ontario access to the CENGN Testbed. CENGN’s digital infrastructure is connecting SMEs like Datex to state-of-the-art equipment and network services, which will allow these companies to test and validate their solutions. Are you interested in completing a CENGN project? Learn more by clicking here.

Original Post Published: May 10th, 2019