By Ross Morley • May 23, 2016

Despite Your Best Efforts - Ransomware


Perhaps the biggest bogie on the CISO’s radar, Ransomware is morphing to cottage-industry perpetration via a multitude of easily-deployed malware weapons. As soon as your solution addresses one variation, dozens more seem to pop up, more sophisticated and damaging than ever.

Although FBI has recommended paying off Ransomware pirates, and regardless of Ransomware’s origin, variation or attack vector, you need a solution that eliminates the impact of Ransomware and gets your data back in its entirety within minutes or hours of the attack onset.

Traditional data backup & restore routines are OK, provided they are actually executed. Hopefully your restore process does not include people, taxis, boxes of tapes, red-faced executives, peeved staff and disgruntled customers. Even with robust well-oiled restore processes completed, you face the re-entry, re-building of the outstanding 'in-the-meantime' suspense files unless they're corrupted too. Real-time replication processes might be helpful unless of course the malware has migrated across to your replication platform(s) too. In which case everybody's lost quite a bit of work and time, and that news will spread far and wide, yes - outside the organization too. Senior management starts to calculate the lost revenue and other costs and looks for cover and legal counsel. Nasty all 'round. 

The best solution out there today is a First-World solution. Where your best assurance and first order of business is a combination of perimeter threat protection, infrastructure sanitization and finally ultra-secure data storage - that is, ultra-secure in the 'computationally infeasible to breach' sense.  And in the event of any Ransomware event, all your data can be reconstituted to that definable point in time minutes or even moments before the Ransomware took effect. Bottom line is your temporary 'out of service' period lasts perhaps an hour or two at most, with no suspense-file processing or re-entry of data lost since the last backup.  Everyone picks up pretty much where they left off.

Bottom line? Your recovery from Ransomware is fast, easy, accurate, complete and - very important in today's hungry news cycle - might be completely under the public radar. Priceless! Rest, Assured. First-World.com/solutions#security


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