By Security Features • October 2, 2018

Data Residency (PIPEDA, GDPR)

 data residency GDPR PIPEDA"As a regulated global provider of insurance services, we were able to guarantee to our clients that data created within a particular geographic location was never stored nor visible within any other geographic location."

- Director of Engineering, Financial Services Provider


 DataStealth for Data Residency


Many companies collect and process vast quantities of customer data, and much of it contains highly sensitive personal information such as dates of birth, social insurance numbers, payment card information, bank account details, online banking credentials, or credit scores. Collected data increases in sensitivity over time when details are combined and related to generate an accurate and complete picture or profile for individual clients. As a result, adhering to a variety of data security and compliance requirements, along with multi-juris- dictional privacy legislation, are of critical importance.

The DataStealth solution is placed at the egress point of your infrastructure and inspects every element of your data on the way out, identifying and extracting private sensitive and/or confidential data discovered in the stream. On the return trip, at the ingress point to your infrastructure, the data passes through the DataStealth solution again, and the original data is reinserted into the stream prior to presentation to the end user, but only for authorized users, and only for authorized use cases.

What makes it truly revolutionary is that DataStealth is a plug-and-play solution which requires no architectural changes or application development, no APIs, no plugins, and is quick and simple to deploy. A production deployment can typically be completed in less than 2 weeks.


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