List of data breaches and cyber attacks in September 2018 – 925,633,824 records leaked

September 28, 2018|Security Features


august-data-leak-server-securityIt’s time for the month’s list of breaches and cyber attacks, and it’s a big one.

Almost 1 billion records were leaked this month – 925,633,824 to be exact. There were also a few more reported ransomware incidents than normal, some of which saw the victims paying the fine – something most security professionals advise against.

The list tells me one thing: organizations need to get themselves ready for a data breach.

More and more organizations are beginning to do what’s necessary to become #BreachReady, but are you?

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What should Canada learn from the GDPR?

September 25, 2018|Security Features


Recently, I asked four Canadian experts what they thought the Canadian government could learn from the GDPR when considering policy options for the future of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. There was broad consensus that the government should not be obsessed about maintaining Canada’s “adequacy” status under the GDPR’s essential equivalency rules. Certainly, Canada should look to the international stage. However,

Canada should take a more organic approach based on its own values and its global trading relationships.

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Datex bringing new businesses online quickly, and securely

September 25, 2018|DataStealth Team


CIA DataStealth BlogTwenty organizations from across the country were recognized for the creation of innovative solutions and services that, thanks to unique value propositions, are positively impacting partners and channel customers across Canada.

DataStealth was awarded the Diamond Level Award for Best Security Solution 2018. 


Data and cyber security at an enterprise level have been a big topic of discussion this year, we continuously hear about more and more data breaches jeopardizing people’s personal information. Mississauga-based Datex thinks its found a solution to ease some of those concerns with its security software DataStealth.

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Storing Data In Multiple States

September 18, 2018|Mariann Utrosa

Data is in more places than ever before and cyber criminals tend to lurk in dark places, not often making their interests obvious or their presence visible.

Whether from insider threats or outsider attacks, a layered data security solution is critical since many traditional perimeter-based data protection mechanisms have been proven to fail when employed alone.

Data in Transit and Data at Rest are both described within security best practices which suggest encrypting such files, but what about their mutual and often overlooked counterpart: Data in Use?

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List of data breaches and cyber attacks August 2018 – 215,000,000 records leaked

September 18, 2018|Security Features

It’s time to tally up August's breaches. The volume of breaches is actually rather low in comparison to recent months; however, the number of leaked records is a staggering 215,009,428.

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What's the definition of a GDPR complaint? Spoiler alert, no one knows

September 06, 2018|Security Features

In June, The Privacy Advisor asked global data protection authorities to reveal how many GDPR complaints had been filed thus far. The numbers they provided varied widely, from 756 in Poland and 1,124 in the U.K., to just two in Sweden, and only three in Belgium.

So what is at the heart of such a discrepancy? Are citizens in some countries uninformed? Are some DPAs under-reporting? Are statistics lagging behind ?

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Privacy Shield: Should I stay or should I go?

September 06, 2018|Security Features

 EU US Privacy Shield, GDPR, DataPrivacy, Data SecurityThe lead up to the GDPR enforcement date consumed a large swath of media coverage. This essentially buried the news that in early July 2018, the European Union Parliament warned that it would suspend the Privacy Shield agreement with the United States unless the US government took action to meet GDPR requirements.

The EU-US Privacy Shield offered US businesses an opportunity to meet GDPR requirements prior to enforcement actions, yet the US government continued to neglect data privacy, positioning the EU Parliament to force a unified data protection standard by suspending the Privacy Shield, hence de-authorizing European citizen personal data transfers to US systems.

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