WHAT?! Where’s your InfoSec Awareness Program!?

July 31, 2018|Jason Wittick

The task of establishing and maintaining an effective information security (InfoSec) awareness program that provides personnel with all the security and privacy information they need for their jobs is complex, frustrating, and thankless, but also unavoidable.

There is a growing number of data protection and security laws, regulations, and guidelines that explicitly require employees undergo specific, formal, and ongoing InfoSec or privacy awareness training. Now more than ever, personnel who have not been sufficiently educated are exposing their employers to an increased risk of being deemed noncompliant.

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California Passes Landmark Privacy Legislation

July 30, 2018|Security Features


In a last-minute action, just a few hours before a looming deadline Thursday afternoon, the California legislature passed AB 375, the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018. As a result of its passage, Alastair Mactaggart, the man behind a November ballot initiative to pass a similar law, has agreed to pull his bill from the ballot.

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Chrome Browser to Display “Not Secure” Warnings for HTTP Sites on July 24

July 23, 2018|Security Features


Google’s Chrome browser will begin warning users that non-HTTPS sites are “not secure” starting this week.  The exact date of the rollout is July 24, which is tomorrow.

After that date, when a Chrome user lands on a HTTP site, there will be a warning in the address bar that the site is “Not Secure.”

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Accelerate GDPR and PIPEDA Compliance via PCI

July 18, 2018|Jason Wittick

Accelerate GDPR and PIPEDA Compliance via PCI

Data security challenges and threat vectors vary according to business or industry context, but all data security standards and governing legislation have one thing in common: they are all, fundamentally, mechanisms or strategies for protecting specific data within a particular environment.

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Digital DNA: Every time we go online we leave a bit of ourselves behind

July 17, 2018|Security Features



EVERY TIME WE go online we leave a little bit of ourselves behind, and most of the time we aren’t even aware of it.

An insatiable desire for information 24/7 is fed by the immediacy of the internet and the ease of access to it from our smartphones. While most of us can’t fathom a day without these devices, it is this very immediacy that compromises how our personal data – our digital DNA – is shared.

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Average cost of a data breach exceeds $3.8 million

July 12, 2018|Security Features

Data breaches are getting more expensive.

That’s one of the findings of a new global study by the Ponemon Institute that examines the financial impact of a corporate data breach.

So what is the actual cost of a data breach? Well, obviously it varies depending on the nature of the organisation that has lost control of its data, the nature of data that has been breached and the severity of the attack.

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Is Canada Collecting Too Much Personal Information About Citizens

July 11, 2018|Security Features



Is Bill C-21 anti-privacy or about national security?

The Canadian government is poised to begin collecting much more information about Canadians leaving the country — a change that is triggering privacy fears because the data will be shared with the United States.

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