Cybersecurity Travel Tips When Going Abroad

February 27, 2018|Security Features


Vacation time is looming, and with the growing strength of the U.S. dollar vs. other currencies, many people are making plans for international travel. If you are among them, be sure you have done all you can to take responsibility for cybersecurity when traveling. After all, it’s a dangerous world out there when it comes to the cyber threat environment. Some common sense and preparation will go a long way toward ensuring your international travel memories are of the good kind.

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Here’s what keeps your CISO up at night

February 20, 2018|Security Features


89.1 percent of all information security leaders are concerned about the rise of digital threats they are experiencing across web, social and mobile channels, according to the 2018 CISO Survey by RiskIQ.

Some 1,691 U.S. and U.K. information security leaders across multiple verticals, including enterprise, consulting, government and education, provided insights into their cyber risk concerns and plans for 2018.

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Security concerns of the modern CIO

February 13, 2018|Security Features


This fundamentally revolves around one question “How can IT provide value for the business?” This can include everything from modern DevOps with Docker or Kubernetes, Public Cloud, true Private Cloud, IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, machine learning, and the list goes on. In conjunction with these emerging technologies is the challenge of managing people, process and compliance. Wrapped around all of this is the concept of security. What “security” means for an organisation has changed dramatically over the last several years.

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GDPR: Whose problem is it anyway?

February 05, 2018|Security Features


With the GDPR deadline looming on May 25, 2018, every organization in the world that transmits data related to EU citizens is focused on achieving compliance. And for good reason. The ruling carries the most serious financial consequences of any privacy law to date – the greater of 20 million EUR or 4 percent of global revenue, potentially catastrophic penalties for many companies.

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Insider Threats in Cyber Security

February 03, 2018|Mariann Utrosa


An insider threat is arguably the single greatest and most damaging security concern that an organization can face.

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It’s time to get serious about email security

February 01, 2018|Security Features


In today’s hyper-connected world, email is the foundation of every organization’s collaboration, productivity, and character. And despite annual rumors of its demise, there’s no reason to believe we’ll be writing its eulogy anytime soon. With its ubiquity and universal appeal, email is a treasure trove of sensitive business information. That’s why emails leaks aren’t just data loss events. They’re direct attacks on your brand and reputation.

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