HR and the GDPR: Changing employment contracts and policies

July 25, 2017|Security Features



Employers will be expected to comply the GDPR (which involves significantly more onerous standards and obligations than the current data protection regime) from 25 May 2018. This includes ensuring that data, and consents to data processing, collected before that date is brought into line with the new requirements. 

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Insider Data Breach: An Enemy Within

July 18, 2017|Security Features


This week, an international health insurance company publicly acknowledged that one of its employees stole information that affected records of 547,000 customers.

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Businesses putting customer data at risk

July 05, 2017|Security Features


Only 43% of businesses store customer data in a dedicated CRM, with 5% of businesses keeping paper records, and 11% using email software to store data - which considering the rise in cyber crime is rather worrying

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