Data Security & Privacy: The Risks of Not Playing by the Rules

May 25, 2017|Security Features

Achieving compliance is a complex and challenging process. But with the right systems and policies, you can stay ahead of the next data breach - and the regulators.

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Does Encryption Cause A False Sense Of Security?

May 19, 2017|Mariann Utrosa

In the modern information landscape, between cloud, mobile and traditional (static) repositories, data has become far more accessible than ever before.  This convenience comes at a cost, though, because any technology or mechanism that makes your own data more available might also make it easier for a criminal or hacker to target and steal.

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Dare To Share In The Cloud: How Secure Is Your Data?

May 17, 2017|Security Features


The march to the cloud for mission-critical applications is picking up speed. Even financial services firms, noted for their caution, are making headway. UK-based insurance intermediaryTowergate Insurance announced last year that it is moving its IT infrastructure to the cloud. And The Wall Street Journal reported in June 2016 that Deutsche Bank researchers are projecting that public cloud adoption of an infrastructure as a service model by big banks will grow from as little as 0% today to 30% within three years.

Despite this positively sunny outlook there are still some data security, privacy and governance hoops to jump through before betting your business on the public cloud.

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Beyond backup

May 02, 2017|Security Features


Reducing the threat of losing data or having a serious network breach should be a priority for all organisations.  

Well over a third of UK businesses discovered at least one data breach or attach in the past year and a "sizable portion" did not have "basic protections"  in place arond data security, it has been reported.

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