Storing Data In Multiple States

April 18, 2017|Mariann Utrosa

Data is in more places than ever before and cyber criminals tend to lurk in dark places, not often making their interests obvious or their presence visible. Whether from insider threats or outsider attacks, a layered data security solution is critical since many traditional perimeter-based data protection mechanisms have been proven to fail when employed alone.

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Information Security Policy Set: It All Starts Here

April 07, 2017|David Froud


Information Security Policies, or more accurately; Policies, Standards, & Procedures (a Policy Set) are the cornerstone of every security program. It is therefore rather odd, that not one client I have ever helped started with any of them in place. While not everyone is a security expert, everyone can be security savvy enough if, and ONLY if, what they are supposed to do is written down!

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Data at Rest, Data in Transit, and Encryption

April 03, 2017|Mariann Utrosa

Computer data spends most of it’s lifecycle being stored ‘at rest’, punctuated with brief periods ‘in transit’ between storage media.  Whether being stored locally on hard drives, servers and other physical media or stored remotely in the cloud … computer data is always either at rest or in transit. 

In either instance, encrypting your data can help protect it from hackers and theft, but over time and as hackers get smarter, and existing encryption techniques become progressively less effective.  How do you protect your data against the inevitable day when that very encryption just isn’t enough anymore?

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