How To Protect Your Mobile Devices While Traveling

February 27, 2017|Mariann Utrosa

My friend’s 21 year old son set out on a 2 week hiking trip across part of South America.  After arriving in Cartagena, Columbia, it took all of 12 hours for his cell phone to be stolen.  Was his cell phone configured for maximum security to protect his data just in case it was lost or stolen … or did he have to call his Mom?

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Healthcare data breaches ‘mostly caused by insiders’

February 25, 2017|Security Features



Targeting healthcare organizations remains about as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. The industry has one of the lowest rates of data encryption and the security culture is severely lacking. Employee education remains poor, leading to a lot of costly mistakes in how patient data is handled.

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HIPAA compliance report card

February 23, 2017|Security Features



How are we doing on key IT controls?

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From FinTech Concept to PCI Compliant in 6 Months?

February 08, 2017|David Froud