Overconfidence Is A Scammers Favourite Gift

November 29, 2016|Jason Wittick


As another Christmas shopping season approaches, annual rhetoric about threats to information and payment security have started to ramp-up as they do every year ... and THIS article is no exception.

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How data obfuscation techniques can help protect enterprises

November 21, 2016|Security Features



Data obfuscation techniques can help enterprises protect corporate information and limit risks of data exposure or leaks. Expert Ajay Kumar explains how these techniques work.

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Of Course the Internet of Things Isn’t Perfect

November 15, 2016|David Froud


Can you name one invention that changed the course of human history that was perfect out of the gate?

Farming? Domestication of animals? Transportation?

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The Botnet … A Ubiquitous and Clandestine Conscripted Army

November 04, 2016|Jason Wittick


A Botnet is a collection malware-infected, internet-connected devices which can be remotely controlled as a group without the actual owner’s knowledge or permission. Botnets are often used to dispatch spam messages or as part of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack which floods a target system with so much traffic that it fails. The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) has been described as “an electronic skin” which is poised to start covering the earth in a web of internet-connected devices that communicate and work together to improve our lives.

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LinkedIn vs Russia

November 01, 2016|Security Features


The world's largest online professional network LinkedIn could face a ban in Russia after the company failed to comply with a Russian data localization law that compels companies to keep data on Russian users in their country.

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