Are Cloud Providers ‘Too Big to Fail’ – Let’s Hope So

October 28, 2016|David Froud


In a rather ludicrously titled article (yes, even for me!) ‘Too big to fail’ cloud giants like AWS threaten civilization as we know it” the author nevertheless addresses an interesting point.

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Rule 41: Why security and privacy experts are wary

October 26, 2016|Security Features


The U.S. Supreme Court proposed changes to the FRCP, including to Rule 41. Expert Mike Chapple looks at Rule 41 and why it matters to security and privacy experts.

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SAQ Validation Requirements, Quite Simple Really

October 22, 2016|David Froud


There’s an old phrase that’s depressingly appropriate when it comes to the completion of Self Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ); “Not worth the paper it’s printed on.

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AV and Malware Protection Missing The REAL Threats

October 20, 2016|Jason Wittick


We’ve all heard it countless times before and while emails remain among the most common vehicles for criminals to infect our systems with malicious code and ransomware, new and far more menacing threats are emerging as instances of ransomware continue to increase.

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Ransomware attacks: Why healthcare data is at risk

October 18, 2016|Security Features


Today's healthcare industry in the United States is under cyberattack. Healthcare executives, CISOs and systems administrators are witnessing attacks by means of ransomware, denial of service attacks and medical records theft -- both cyber and physical media.

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The case against hacking your own employees

October 13, 2016|Security Features


Enterprise IT and information security teams almost always find themselves pushing against resource limitations in the face of unending attacks and increasingly sophisticated criminals.

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I’m Just the QSA, It’s not MY Report on Compliance!

October 06, 2016|David Froud


If you have ever been on the receiving end of a PCI assessment, you had one of two reactions to this blog’s title. You said;

  1. “Yes it is, that’s what I hired you for!”, or;
  2. “Damned right it’s not yours, the QSA is only here to validate it.”
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