Imminent Changes for Payment Cards

MasterCard 2-Series BIN Expansion

On November 3rd, 2014, MasterCard announced it was introducing a new series of bank identification numbers (BINs) and that they will start issuing these new BINs by June of 2017

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PCI DSS, You Brought It On Yourselves

September 29, 2016|David Froud

I have never hidden my disdain for the PCI DSS, and have written numerous blogs as to why. Not just whinging mind you, I have always included a stab at providing solutions or alternatives. But every now and again, I have to remind myself why the DSS even exists in the first place. And who needs to accept a sizeable chunk of the responsibility for it.

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PCI From the Other Side: An Ex-QSA’s Worst Nightmare

September 27, 2016|David Froud


Once again I have chosen a dramatic title to sucker you in. But seeing as it’s PCI related it’s never going to be even remotely exciting.

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The increasing cost of data breaches

September 22, 2016|Security Features


Its common knowledge that data breaches are growing in intensity and sophistication. Scarcely a week passes without the news of some high-profile attack or another flooding the headlines. What makes the situation worse is the fact that the cost of breaches continues to rise.

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54% of European CEOs are taking responsibility for cyber-security

September 20, 2016|Security Features


More than half (54 percent) of CEOs in European companies are taking responsibility for cyber-security as it is now considered to be an executive responsibility.

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Yes, The Cloud Can Be A Security Win

September 16, 2016|Security Features


With the right controls in place, the cloud doesn't have to be a scary place. These guidelines can help your company stay safe.

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4.5 million web servers have private keys that are publicly known

September 13, 2016|Security Features


Late in 2015, we wrote about a survey by a European security consultancy called SEC Consult that looked at the cryptographic safety of the average web server.

The results were worrying: 3,200,000 publicly-visible web servers were using private keys that weren’t actually private.

In fact, they were already publicly known, and detectably so.  

Let’s remind ourselves why that matters.

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Trouble In the Cloud: More Than Half Of Organizations Facing Security Woes

September 09, 2016|Security Features

Survey shows security professionals are grappling with unauthorized data sharing and other security incidents in SaaS cloud environments.

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SMS or authenticator app – which is better for two-factor authentication?

September 07, 2016|Security Features

In the comments of one of our recent two-factor authentication (2FA) articles, we received a question about whether it was better to use an SMS (text message) code as your second factor of authentication, or to use a dedicated authenticator app to generate the code.

We thought this was an interesting question, so let’s explore it a bit. In many cases, the choice between SMS and an authenticator app comes down to using whichever one is more convenient for you. But if you’re curious about the pros and cons of each, read on and let us know in the comments which option you prefer and why.

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Opinion: On privacy and cyber-security, plan today or fail tomorrow

September 03, 2016|Security Features

The story has become all too common for businesses today: privacy breaches create anxiety for consumers, customers, employees and investors, and shatter corporate reputations. Some of the largest companies in the world have suffered data breaches: eBay, Home Depot, British Airways, Sony, Goldcorp and others. But the attacks have also struck small- and medium-sized enterprises, governments and professional associations, with devastating consequences.

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Five Essential Practices for Securing Data

September 01, 2016|Security Features

Data has evolved. It has emerged as one of the most precious commodities in the digital era. From photons traveling across the vast network of fiber optic cables to an entity with a defining effect on the fate of your organization. Data can make or break a business. With the advent of big data analytics, the concerns about the safekeeping and security of data have risen exponentially.

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