As big data, cloud, and IoT usage increases, so do security concerns

July 28, 2016|Security Features



Over the last twelve months, the Great British Public has bared witness to a steady stream of high profile breaches of the likes of Wetherspoons, Ofcom, and TalkTalk, to name but a few. Things have not been any better for small businesses who are collectively attacked seven million times per year by cybercriminals, costing the UK economy £5.26 billion, according to the Federation of Small Businesses. It therefore comes as no surprise that, according to recent research carried out by 451 Research, 89 per cent of UK organisations feel vulnerable to cyberattacks, especially when considering that nearly half of the organisations had experienced a data breach in the past.

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NIST Prepares to Ban SMS-Based Two-Factor Authentication

July 26, 2016|Security Features

The US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released the latest draft version of the Digital Authentication Guideline that contains language hinting at a future ban on SMS-based Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

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Medical Records Are More Valuable to Hackers than Credit Cards

July 21, 2016|Mariann Utrosa

Personal medical information is easily worth 10 times more than credit card information and that value continues to rise - every day - on the black market and the ‘dark web’.

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Hard, Soft or Smart ... Hackers Want Power

July 18, 2016|Jason Wittick


 In a single word ... power. Hackers covet the power to do what they want or to change what they do not, and in most cases they use information as the vehicle by which they pursue and gain power.  In political or diplomatic terms, power can be objectively defined as: "The capacity or ability to direct or influence a course of events or the behavior of others" and that is exactly what hackers aim to do, too.

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PCI Under the Microscope

July 07, 2016|David Gamey

The PCI Council has testified before Congress about standards and breaches in both 2014 and 2009 (links are to Google Searches). This year PCI is getting a little extra scrutiny.

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How to Fail at InfoSec

July 05, 2016|Jason Wittick


With the ever-present and growing number of cyber criminals, hackers, data-breaches and electronic scams described by mainstream media on an almost daily basis, it’s clear that information and data have become two of the most valuable targets for thieves.

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