What is a Keylogger?

June 28, 2016|Jason Wittick


Contrary to popular opinion and in spite of what mainstream media might suggest, successfully breaching an information security system is no simple task. Once they’re inside your defences, however, attackers can deploy any number of tools to achieve their goals and hide their tracks.

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Storing Data In Multiple States

June 23, 2016|Mariann Utrosa

Data is in more places than ever before and cyber criminals tend to lurk in dark places, not often making their interests obvious or their presence visible. Whether from insider threats or outsider attacks, a layered data security solution is critical since many traditional perimeter-based data protection mechanisms have been proven to fail when employed alone.

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A False Sense of (Information) Security

June 20, 2016|Jason Wittick


Information Security, more commonly abbreviated to just "InfoSec" is everywhere these days. The need for security and protection against hackers, thieves and scammers has never been higher and although InfoSec experts are constantly gaining ground ... they are by no means closing the gap.

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Data at Rest, Data in Transit, and Encryption

June 16, 2016|Mariann Utrosa

Computer data spends most of it’s lifecycle being stored ‘at rest’, punctuated with brief periods ‘in transit’ between storage media.  Whether being stored locally on hard drives, servers and other physical media or stored remotely in the cloud … computer data is always either at rest or in transit. 

In either instance, encrypting your data can help protect it from hackers and theft, but over time and as hackers get smarter, and existing encryption techniques become progressively less effective.  How do you protect your data against the inevitable day when that very encryption just isn’t enough anymore?

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Ask the expert:­ What’s keeping CISOs awake at night?

June 13, 2016|Security Features

The pressure is on for the CISO. Recent high profile data breaches have meant all eyes are on them, as a worrying amount of websites and applications are found to be vulnerable to cyber attack.

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Being PCI Compliant Does Not Mean You Are Secure

June 09, 2016|Mariann Utrosa

You passed your PCI audit after months of preparation and monumental costs, and achieved a certification that validates the same, but does a certificate actually mean that you’re secure? There’s a lack of clarity between PCI Compliance and a compliant system or network being secure.

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Hackers Really Like Hats

June 06, 2016|Jason Wittick


Hacking has been around a long time ... for more than 40 years by some accounts … which is surprising to some people. Recent media coverage has sensationalized and publicized hacking as a lucrative, dangerous sub-culture and pseudo-industry made-up of hyper intelligent teenagers and reclusive experts who collude in secret to attack, disrupt or manipulate computing devices. That makes for a good antagonist in a movie or book, but it is not an accurate picture of what most hackers are today.

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Integrating Physician Practices into a Health System’s HIPAA Privacy and Security

June 02, 2016|Dr. Wael Hassan, PhD.


The healthcare industry shift to a value-based business model is resulting in greater alignment between hospitals and physicians to provide quality, outcomes driven care in order to receive payment for health care services. Prior to implementation of the Affordable Care Act, physicians more often were independent practitioners who held medical staff privileges to care for patients at the hospital. The pressure for health systems to develop clinically integrated networks and accountable care organizations, and the financial constraints placed on physician practices, necessitate alignment with physician practices and integrating them into the health system.

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