It's Spring ... No, it's tax fraud season

March 17, 2016|Mariann Utrosa

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), shut its website down mid-way through the 2014 tax filing season due to the Heartbleed virus.  The CRA was fast to react and pull their services down very quickly, so hackers were only able to obtain approximately 900 Social Insurance Numbers in a data breach that lasted 6 hours.

Early last month the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) confirmed that its systems had endured another cyber attack.  Approximately 464,000 unique Social Security Numbers were involved and attackers successfully gained access to 101,000 e-file Pins … which can be used to file fraudulent electronic tax returns.

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How To Protect Your Mobile Devices While Traveling

March 11, 2016|Mariann Utrosa

My friend’s 21 year old son set out on a 2 week hiking trip across part of South America.  After arriving in Cartagena, Columbia, it took all of 12 hours for his cell phone to be stolen.  Was his cell phone configured for maximum security to protect his data just in case it was lost or stolen … or did he have to call his Mom?

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Strong or Weak, All Passwords Can Be Hacked

March 09, 2016|Jason Wittick

The first tallies of the worst and weakest passwords used throughout 2015 are being released and it seems that “123456”, “password” and “12345678” are once again among the top five.

Who is ultimately responsible; users who choose the passwords, or website developers who allow them?

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Apple vs FBI dispute

March 07, 2016|David Gamey

The Internet and mainstream media has been ablaze with articles and opinion pieces about the dispute between the FBI and Apple over an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino terrorists. The issue has polarized public opinion and drawn attention to longstanding tensions over access by law enforcement.  The issue is complex and the implications are far reaching.

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