Use Case Spotlight: Dev and QA data privacy

January 29, 2016|Mariann Utrosa

Securing your QA/Dev environment 

Organizations today are constantly trying to improve the ‘customer experience’ by developing new and interesting application functionality. In order for QA, Development and other non-production teams to perform their jobs effectively, they often require data sets to use that are “representative” of what would be seen in production. Using fake data often misses real world cases that might occur, or may be di cult or impossible to generate.

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The List You Do Not Want To Be On

January 27, 2016|Ed Leavens


The most popular passwords of 2015

The list containing the most popular passwords of 2015 was recently released. The list was compiled using passwords that were leaked last year, analyzing the most commonly used, and the least secure. The top 2 passwords have not changed since the list was last published.  The top 2 most commonly used passwords are ‘123456’ and ‘password’.

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Safe Harbor Safe No More

January 23, 2016|Ed Leavens

Who would have guessed that Edward Snowden would still be relevant in 2016? We certainly did.

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