Spotlight Use Case

November 30, 2015|Ed Leavens

Cloud apps - the secure way

Our client came to us concerned about their extensive use of commercial Cloud applications. They were concerned that exposing their client data to cross border transmissions, and having Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Personal

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A Privacy Class-Action lawsuit is Hospital Boards’ worst nightmare – 3 ways to prevent it.

The Supreme Court of Canada’s decision to permit class action lawsuits is expected to raise some serious discussions in hospital Board of Directors meetings. The Court dismissed a hospital’s application for leave to appeal the Ontario Court of Appeal’s decision of Hop

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Announcement - Dr. Wael Hassan PhD.

November 25, 2015|Ed Leavens

Datex is proud to welcome Dr. Wael Hassan, PhD, as a guest contributor to the Datex blog.

Dr. Hassan is the editor in chief and lead writer of Transigram, an online monthly magazine. Transigram explores legislative and regulatory changes, new technologies, and the need

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Spotlight Use Case

November 23, 2015|Ed Leavens

Cloud Computing and SaaS Analytics - without putting your data at risk.

There are some terrific Cloud based analytics offerings available today which provide very robust capabilities and ease of use, but organizations struggle with these solutions because of data resid

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DataStealth reduces PCI Compliance efforts

November 16, 2015|Ed Leavens

PCI DSS compliance is a requirement for any business that stores, processes, or transmits payment card data. The PCI DSS standard follows common-sense steps that mirror security best practices. But does it really solve the problem? Are you really safe from a network br

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Firewall? IDS? IDP? WAF?

November 09, 2015|Mariann Utrosa

What does it all mean?

Firewalls typically sit on the perimeter of a network and are the most common means of protecting an IT environment. A firewall has the ability to filter or block access, but it's a simple administrative tool and is not a physical or magical bar

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Safe Harbour Agreement ruled invalid

November 02, 2015|Ed Leavens

The European Court of Justice says the single standard for consumer privacy and data storage is not enough.

The Safe Harbour Agreement was designed to consolidate 20+ different national data privacy regulations into a single standard. The ruling by the ECJ means that e

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